Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alpine Ridge Riding

It's Christmas and I have company invading my house so I am going to be lazy and post another video for your enjoyment.  I searched for some info on the location for this but I was unable to come up with much in the way of details.  The following blurb from the film description is all I could find, other than it is somewhere in the Alps.
Short clip filmed end of October 2010. The spot is really high alpine and there is no margin for mistakes.

The riders are Harald Philipp, Martin Falkner both riding a Liteville 301 and Max Schumann on a Fatmodul ANT.

Gear used for the shoot: Canon 7D, Canon 50mm, Canon 135mm, Samyang 8mm, HDpro 1080p, carbon tripod and Manfrotto 701 fluid head.

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