Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Add-ons for GoPro

It wasn't too long ago that I posted my Christmas Wish List and I noted that I would like to have a GoPro 1080p HD Camera.  I noted that because I am cheap, the 960p would be what I would get myself if I was shelling out the cash to purchase one of these as the features on the 1080p were more than what I required.  Other than the 1080p recording capability, the biggest difference was the expansion capability of the 1080p model.  Thankfully, my wife is amazing and decided to get me something I wouldn't buy myself.  At the time I told her it was too much but now I am glad she did get me the top model because there was a recent sneak peak of some of the expansion packs that will soon be available. 

According to, GoPro has introduced a clip-on LCD screen that not only shows what you are viewing but displays battery life as well as an external speaker.  There is also a battery bacpac that will allow you to carry two batteries.  They have also created a new back cover for the housing if you are intending to get an add-on to accommodate the additional bulk.

Then, there is the new GoPro 3D offering.   According to the article, the quality is quite amazing considering how compact the camera is.  To upgrade your current 1080p camera to 3D would require you to purchase an additional 1080p camera and a 3D housing designed to fit both cameras.   

I have only had the opportunity to put together two videos to date but I suspect these new expansions will be worthwhile improvements to the capabilities of the GoPro camera.  The battery expansion like would seem like the most useful as you could film a great deal longer and not have to worry about your battery running out or switching batteries during your ride.

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