Friday, November 12, 2010


Welcome to those of you who have stumbled their way to my blog! I have blogged on an off for the past 5 years but I never had a purpose other than to dump whatever was on my mind.  I was never consistent with posting, sometimes posting several 'articles' a week then going up to 6 months with nothing.  Hopefully this attempt will be a bit more successful as far as consistency is concerned. 

Now that I have completed my second season of XC mountain bike racing, I wanted to 'give back' in the form of sharing my experiences. Also, I am one of very few racers on the local race circuit who are riding a 29er. As the 29er trend continues to grow, I would like to let everyone else know what 29er specific equipment has worked well for me and what hasn't.  I'm sure that non-29er equipment will also work its way in every now and then, but it won't be my focus.  What I don't want to do is copy what other local bloggers I read are already doing.  My goal is to provide something different.

Currently, the weather has been very cooperative for November so I have been trying to get out on the trails as often as my schedule permits. This is an excellent time of year to ride as the leaves are gone from the trees giving you great sight lines, trails are dry and firm, and with the cooler temperatures you aren't overheating.

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